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#804, AceTwin Tower 2,
273 Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea

about us

We’re Korea Digital.

Simple, Strong, Sophisticated and Smart

This is our philosophy about the product.

Korea Digital was established in 1997.

For nearly 20 years, we have reinvented more than 150 different kinds of sensors applied for MEMS and SM-BUS technology.

We have FOUR business areas.

  1. ScienceCube is for Educational sensors, data logger and equipment.
  2. SenseCube is for Industrial sensors such as CO2, O2, Temperature, Humidity and Others
  3. AWSCube is for an Automatic Weather System applied for Agriculture, Industry, Home/Leisure and Education.
  4. MotorCube is for BLDC motor controller and driver.

We are trying to create “people-smart sensors” that gather real-time environmental data and analytics with our networking system that delivers even more value to our customers and improve our life with smart solutions.

We are not just solving today’s problems, but thinking beyond today to develop solutions that will be needed in the future.

For higher ideal and value,
Korea Digital is preparing to jump up to the global company based on IoT technology!

vision & mission